Sunday, March 6, 2011

To Krokotopia or Bust

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Sorry for being horribly late, I was having exams for the past two weeks  >_>

What lies beyond this door, a realm of fantasy yours to explore...

But anyway, time to wrap up Wizard City in this post! Somehow I always feel the need to wrap up all the sidequests in a world before I go to the next one, tying up loose ends in a way. I didn't bother with Golem Tower and Sunken City, though I would complete the latter after I get my powerful spells and a few friends. 

Patchy: I'll be back, Grubb.

Besides, I would need the extra cash raked in to buy new stuff, especially new decks and maybe a wand or two. I don't bother with the rest unless I really need them since they're pretty expensive.

What's death without a little scorpion venom?
Nightshade was, to be honest, not really a problem. The one thing important is to take out the Field Guard who would blast you with high-damage Storm spells. I've heard he drops crown items, and he did drop a nice Sprite hat for me. Plus I got a free Brain Jar from his tower :)

Patchy: I wonder if it could make a good intelligence-booster potion?

After a turn of events, you approach Ambrose and he gives you the key to Krokotopia, and that's not the only nice thing he gives you:

He coughs up the Black Mantle spell for Balance wizards!
Next up, Colossus Boulevard. This area of Wizard City is a unique one, because whenever you enter a battle by yourself, prepare to be double-teamed. The number of enemies you will face is the number of players on your side +1, except when its at 4. In that case, it would be a normal 4v4.

Since there's 2 players, I will face 3 enemies as shown here.
I would personally recommend completing Colossus Boulevard for first-timer wizards before moving on to Krokotopia, because getting used to this kind of battle system is essential as it is going to be the same for the rest of the worlds, and it gives you extra cash plus beefs you up for the harder enemies in Krokotopia.

Colossus Boulevard is mostly populated by creatures known as Gobblers, which seem to have black holes for stomachs and chomping on a near-endless supply of food.

Patchy: Sounds kind of like you actually.

Not to mention they attack by farting or burping at you, and rooftops seem to be a special treat for them. They go down rather easily though. Also, beware of snowmen with homicidal tendencies.


An extra note, there's a secret trainer near Mindy Pixiecrown. Turn left and you will see a ramp leading down to a house below to where the trainer is. Life wizards might want to make an early visit to get their Life Trap spell. Wizards of other schools can visit at about Level 22 to get their dispel spells.

Give me a nice book of forbidden magic and I might consider...
 Apparently, the Gobbler King demands that you surrender Wizard City to him. Of course, no one wants that, so you have to convince him with your skills as a diplomat. So we shall approach his advisers...

Patchy: Let's see, how to convince a gobbler to leave your city alone...

Wizards don't need peace talks when they have magic to do the convincing

After violently convincing the Gobbler King, he has agreed to forfeit on his plan to take over Wizard City, but begs to be able to stay in Colossus Boulevard. Being the nice wizards we are, we agree wholeheartedly.

Patchy: On the condition that we still get to beat you up.

Finally, the infamous sidequest for history books, which involves a rematch with your area bosses.

 Patchy: At least we get paid for it.

And that concludes Wizard City for us, next post will be on Krokotopia's Pyramid of the Sun. For any wizards out there going through Wizard City, I wish you the best of luck and for those who completed Wizard City, we hope to see you in Krokotopia soon!

Wish you were here!
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  1. well have fun in krokotopia, but be prepared to deal with more of those double enemy fights from collosus blvd, just about every other fight in the spiral will be like that (except in kensington park where it is a triple enemy fight).
    -Malorm Ghostrider